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Colour Warmth Care

The combination of these three elements is what creates atmosphere according to CASA FREEDA.
Finding the perfect colour for the rooms is the beginning, adding warmth by the choice of fabrics and textiles, choosing with care ornaments and objects belonging to the owner which have a story, an identity behind them.

Creating harmony in personalized surroundings to reach the unique and distinctive, far from mass production models.
It is not “… just a divan or an armchair..” it is your home, the place you leave and to which you will always return, it is your life.
An emotional aesthetic search, which the décor demonstrates as, interior furnishing.

Home staging

Many foreign estate agents refer to the interior decorator to make the right improvements, the better to help the sale or renting of the property. Casa Freeda puts its experience and skill at the disposal of the seller and potential buyer to avoid the strain or force of imagination to which they are subjected when deciding on improvements or alterations.

Holiday Homes

Today more and more people prefer the Holiday Home solution in preference to the standard apartment/ rented room. Apart from the economic saving, there is more that the Voyager of today wants: an experience. To live the chosen place not as a simple observer, but to live totally immersed in the country he is visiting. What better place than HOME – CASA can tell the culture of a place? The various holiday homes, furnished by Casa Freeda have had a greater increase in clients in respect of others which have underestimated the importance of internal décor, which instead the guest will take with him as an ulterior reminder of the holiday.

Retail Design

Over the years various market researches have found several sales techniques and all have a point in common. The potential buyer is convinced when he is captivated by the beauty of the surroundings. The atmosphere created by furnishings enriches the Product, transforming the experience of buying into something special, to be repeated.

Home Shopper

Advice is for those searching for one or more pieces of furniture, to those wishing to give a new accent, a fresh breath to their home or even to a single room. Casa Freeda gives advice on various articles of design: extras to add to the furniture, antiques, ceramics, fabrics, walls, paints and resins, bathrooms, Garden design, floral creations and linen for the home.